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Honda CRV 2013 for The Next Generation Of Honda CR-V Crossover

Honda CRV 2013 is the next-generation Honda CR-V crossover, which will debut this fall. The vehicle looks ready for production, wearing its own sheetmetal (rather than the modified body of an existing Honda model) with the badge buried in tape on the tailgate. Like other Japanese auto companies, Honda is as tight-lipped as can be about its future products. We’re left to use recent history and this photo to determine that the Honda CRV 2013 will represent a gentle update to the current car, rather than a radical redo.


Honda CRV 2013 Completely with Fuel Economy

Figure on a naturally aspirated four-cylinder being the only engine available. It should displace 2.4 liters like today’s Honda CRV 2013 engine, and we expect it to make between 180 and 200 hp, although the number may be closer to the bottom end of that range. Fuel economy also should improve slightly, in front-drive spec, the current model is rated for 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway.

If there are any major changes to the upcoming Honda CRV 2013, it could be in the seating layout. Until now, every CR-V has been a strictly five-seat affair. Given the long rear overhang of the car in this photo, however, it looks like there just might be room for a small third row of seats for short-legged passengers. Toyota sells a three-row RAV4, but most others in the segment serve a maximum of five.



Honda CRV 2013 Presented a Pulse Raising Vehicle

Few would call the Honda CRV 2013 in its present form a pulse-raising vehicle, but it is a staple for Honda, offers good driving dynamics, and is a sensible choice for more than 200,000 Americans per year. Even without concrete details on the next-generation CR-V, we feel confident saying it will maintain the current car’s sales success. That’s all information about Honda CRV 2013.



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